The 5 most popular topics women want to read about

As I’m getting really close to a big milestone for my blog (my 100th blog post), I’ve had a look to see what you, my lovely readers, seem to have enjoyed the most so far. What are the 5 most popular topics women want to read about? I say ‘women’ because the vast majority of my readers are indeed women, but if you are a man reading this, “Hello and welcome!” *Sara waves*

So here are my top 5 most popular blog posts!

what are women interested in reading about? My top 5 most popular blog posts Mind your Mamma

A review of the Calm app – download it now!

a review of the calm app download it now! Mind your MammaI wrote this post very early in my blogging days. It’s a review of the very popular app Calm, which is brilliant for mindfulness meditation. It’s crazy to think that this was the 16th post to ever be published on my (then) very new blog! And I honestly think I had loads yet to learn! But not a day has gone by without people somehow finding and reading this post. So this tells me that you’re interested in finding out about mindfulness. And perhaps about mindfulness meditation. Or maybe, you’re just searching for terms that include the word ‘calm’. Wouldn’t we all love more calm in our lives?

How to keep your house tidy when it feels like an impossible thing to do

From mindfulness to house-keeping! I can totally see why a lot of us are interested in this topic, though. No matter who we are, what we do, whether we have children or not, most of us are lucky enough to have a place to live in. And as such, a place that we need to keep in some sort of working order if we want to retain a little sanity! (Debatable whether we often manage to achieve this. Or is it just me?)

I won’t say that my house is spotless or always tidy, but since Christmas 2016 I have spent A LOT of time decluttering and organising spaces, so I can spend less time tidying up on a daily basis. I know this seems counterintuitive. But trust me! Before I started decluttering and letting go of things that didn’t serve me any purpose anymore, I felt like I was moving things from one place to the next. Constantly.

But if things are put away where they belong as soon as they can be, surfaces are cleared where possible, and things that no longer be in the house are sent on their merry way, you spend less time tidying up. Think about it – just spend a couple of days intentionally observing what you’re doing. And then tell me if you can relate. Or not!

Why I hate the phrase ‘making memories’

Number 3 on the top 5 list is another post from the very early days – number 22, to be precise. And one that talks about one of my bug bears. It’s probably one of those posts that didn’t become this popular for the right reason, though. As I have a feeling that most of you don’t agree with me here.

But I stand by the fact that I don’t agree with the phrase ‘enjoy making memories’ when we talk about future events, like going on holidays, for examples. Surely our main reason for going away isn’t to be able to go reminisce on them when we get back? We go to have a good time, to ‘live life’, so that we can bond, have fun, and run away from the routine of everyday life. To be free, a little more spontaneous, and explore new places. ‘Making memories’ isn’t the objective, right? Oh yes, some will be made in the process. But so many details will be forgotten too. And that’s ok. That’s just life, right?

Did you know you could hire a professional to help you declutter and organise your life?

This more recent post of mine has shot up to the top 5 in less than 3 months. And I’m sure it’s only going to continue to climb and give the others some fair competition! Because let’s face it, we all have pockets of mess in our homes that bother us, to a degree or another. Things that you want to get rid of, let go of, or simply re-organise. I’ve been writing about decluttering and organising quite a lot, but this interview with professional Declutterer and Organiser Zoe Short, from So Sorted is right at the top of the list in this category. Maybe, like me, you actually didn’t know you could hire a professional to coach you through the process?

Become calmer, more mindful and self-aware with the Welzen Mindfulness app 

Once again, this tells me that women in our age group are looking for some help to introduce more mindfulness into their lives. Since my review back in January, there have been some fantastic additions to the Welzen mindfulness app. I still use it and love it. 

And while we’re on the topic, I’ve also shared some tips on how mindfulness can help you sleep or how to make more time to meditate. I’ve reviewed the fantastic book by Rebecca Ryan Mindfulness for Mothers and even shared my thoughts on my top 3 apps for mindfulness meditation. I’ve love to add another app to that list: Aware. It’s got TONS of fantastic content, and I’m hoping to be able to share a full review and do it justice in the near future.

So that’s it. This is what you’ve been interested in, my dear readers.

Has anything else really stood out for you? Anything you enjoyed? Anything you’d like me to write more about? Let me know in the comments below or on social media! I’d love to see you there!


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