do you Like reading? Here are my book recommendations for you!

The below is a list of books that I’ve personally read (cover-to-cover) and enjoyed since starting this blog. There’s a mixture of business and productivity, self-development, self-help, mindfulness… Think of it as my virtual bookshop! Take your pick, enjoy, and you’re welcome!





















What follows is a list of books that currently sit on my Amazon wish list – I’ll be sure to move them up to the above section as soon as I read them! (It may take me a while to go through them all though!)

























If you’re after a list of products I recommend, head over to my Resources page. I think you’ll like it!

*This page contains affiliate links. This means that if you decide to buy any of these books I’ll be getting a TINY commission which helps towards the running costs for my website. (And I’ll also be doing a happy dance and send virtual hugs your way!)