How to turn your bedroom into a place where you can relax

It’s the end of a busy day spent running around and keeping lots of plates spinning – work, house, chores, children etc. You just want to relax and be able to enjoy some me-time doing what you like. Something that recharges you and makes you feel better about it all. And you want to do that without having to spend an hour tidying and cleaning the whole house. But you don’t have the luxury of a private bunker just yet.

Until you can afford one, why not turn your bedroom into a place where you can have some quiet time, away from the hustle and bustle of the day and have that half an hour of peace you’ve been craving all day? If your bedroom isn’t up to the job yet, here are some easy steps to follow to help you turn it into the perfect place to relax in.

                        Photo courtesy of Yorkshire Linen. 

1. Declutter and organise your space

Start by going through your wardrobe and the space around you. If you really want a place where you can relax, looking at clutter won’t help. You’ll be distracted by all the mess and end up feeling guilty, anxious and frustrated for not having the time to create the room you wished you had. So if it helps, enlist the help of a good friend or a close relative, put some music on, and have a good clear out. You’ll feel so much better for it afterwards, and you’ll be proud to have a clutter-free space where you can be stress- and worry-free.

2. Make it a child-free zone

Ok this sounds harsh, but hear me out. Of course you want your children to jump into your bed for cuddles in the middle of the night or the early morning! But to make your life easier, I’d suggest you don’t turn your bedroom into the place where your children set up their train set or start playing Monopoly! If you can, keep the room toy-free and encourage your children to play elsewhere (easier said than done, I know!) But you’re only doing this because it means you won’t have to tidy up every evening (or climb over the mess) before you can go and have some well-deserved me-time.

3. Make it visually appealing with a nice duvet cover

I took a lot of inspiration from Yorkshire Linen when writing this post, and I’m sure you can see how apt the image of their Buddha duvet cover was for this post! Surely nothing says ‘time for relaxation’ like the Buddha duvet cover, right? Or if you prefer a different style, there’s plenty more to choose from. A new look for your bedroom will lift your mood and help you turn it into a space that makes you smile every time you walk in. It’s not just about the bedding though- you can also play around with pillows and cushionscurtains, bedspreads and throws.

Whatever you do, make sure you choose patterns and colours that are calming and, in your eyes, ‘happy’. You want an inviting environment that puts you in the right mood as soon as you walk in. The duvet cover range on the Yorkshire Linen website is great for finding the perfect match! Alternatively, my other go-to place (seeing that all our mattresses come from there) is Ikea.

4. Decide what you’ll use the room for

So what is your favourite go-to activity when you spend some relaxing time on your own (if ever)? Would you like to read a book in peace? Sip a hot drink while you flick through that magazine you never get a chance to look at? Or maybe practice some mindfulness meditation? You might even want to use your bedroom first thing in the morning for some yoga or stretches. Whatever it is you want to be doing, make sure you set your room up for it. Have a little corner of the room that has everything you need when you’re ready to grab your me-time. If you decluttered your space and kept the area child-free, this is where it’ll really pay off, as you’ll have all the space to do what you want.

5. Claim it for yourself and enjoy

Of course if you live with your partner your bedroom isn’t just your own. And they might have a say in all this too – quite rightly so. Dialogue and compromise go a long way in most situations, so all you have to do is to have a chat about what your vision for the room is and talk about when you’d like to use it. Surely there’s enough space for you both to have some well-deserved me-time? Plus you never know – your partner might have no interest in making your shared bedroom their relaxing haven. All that matters is that you come to an agreement that makes everyone happy. Take me for example, I’d never turn the bedroom I share with my husband into too ‘girly’ a place, as I know he wouldn’t like it. But I’m sure he’d have no problems with something like this or this, which I find appealing, calming and relaxing. So that’s a win all round!

Do you like to relax and wind down in your bedroom at the end of a busy day? Do you have any more tips to share to turn your bedroom into the perfect relaxing retreat?

*This is a collaborative post with Yorkshire Linen, but all ideas and opinions expressed in this post are my own. 


  1. 6th May 2017 / 3:20 pm

    I love this post! Having a bedroom that is relaxing is the best thing you can do for yourself. Getting quality sleep makes everything much better. Thanks for sharing!

    • Sara
      6th May 2017 / 4:38 pm

      Thank you Michelle for your kind words! That’s very true – a nice, tidy bedroom helps you to sleep better too, doesn’t it?

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