Recovering from your broken tibia – Internet resources

This is an up-to-date list of all the links and internet resources mentioned in the book “Recovering from your broken tibia – A practical guide to healing from a broken tibia and intramedullary nail surgery, from one patient to another.”

Internet resources (in alphabetical order, per topic)

Last updated: March 2018.ย 


Anticoagulants โ€“

Anti-embolism stockings โ€“

Antioxidants โ€“

Bone healing

Bone strength โ€“

Blood clots โ€“

Calcium โ€“

Collagen-boosting foods โ€“

Diet โ€“

Essential oils โ€“

Food supplements

General anaesthesia โ€“

Homeopathic products โ€“

Intramedullary nailing (IM nail or rod)

Non-weight-bearing exercises โ€“

Occupational Therapy โ€“

Omega-3 โ€“

Other experiences of patients with an IM nail

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Positive mindset โ€“

Post-surgery โ€“

(This article is specific to foot and ankle surgery, but some of the considerations still apply.)

Scar management (essential oils) โ€“

Tibia fractures

Vibration therapy

Vitamin B โ€“

Vitamin C โ€“

Vitamin D โ€“

Vitamin E โ€“

Wound care โ€“

X-ray โ€“