Hi, I'm Sara.

I'm Italian but have lived in London (UK) since 2003.

So what do I tell you about me? I’m a lot of things - bear with me...

A mum to 3 boys (The Big Guy, The Middle Guy and The Little Guy)

A wife to The Husband (well, duh)

But I’m also…

A Business Analyst (bonus prize if you know what that means... I know that is pretty much the equivalent of asking what Chandler Bing did as a job)

A grammar and language geek (yes, that’s a legitimate phrase, and I'm sure in time you'll find out what I mean by it)

An antenatal educator teaching classes in my local area through the fantastic BabyNatal programmes, including First Aid for babies

Someone who's *definitely* trying to do too much in life

And now... a blogger and 'ghostblogger', so if you like my style and need anything writing, just get in touch! ;-)

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Mum, are you guilty of putting yourself under a lot of pressure?

Modern motherhood can be stressful and busy, but should we just accept this? Is it right that we put ourselves under so much pressure to be everything for everyone? Do everything? ‘Have it all’? How can we take some of that pressure off for ourselves?

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What does having three children (or more) really look like? (Part Two)

Last week I shared a post on the logistical challenges of having three children or more. If you thought that was a lot to take in, well, that was only one half of the story! And of course, you have to read these posts with the caveat that there are…

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What does having three children (or more) really look like? (Part One)

I’m a mum of three boys. And one of the things I hear the most from other well-meaning parents is “You must be busy!” I certainly am. And I think that having three children (or more), no matter their gender or age, is definitely a recipe for busyness. But it’s…

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Stress management: 3 must-read books to get stuff done and stress less

We are all so busy. We whiz through life with a million and one things always on our to-do lists. Whether it’s at work, at home or in our personal lives, we juggle a huge amount of tasks on any given day. It’s no wonder we’re so interested in finding…

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Career change – what do you do when the next step isn’t obvious?

Did you ‘fall into your job’? Is your career no longer fulfilling? Or simply no longer working for you now that you’re a mum? Did you know you could work with a career coach to explore your options?

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