Hi, I'm Sara.

I'm Italian but have lived in London (UK) since 2003.

So what do I tell you about me? I’m a lot of things - bear with me...

A mum to 3 boys (The Big Guy, The Middle Guy and The Little Guy)

A wife to The Husband (well, duh)

But I’m also…

A Business Analyst (bonus prize if you know what that means... I know that is pretty much the equivalent of asking what Chandler Bing did as a job)

A grammar and language geek (yes, that’s a legitimate phrase, and I'm sure in time you'll find out what I mean by it)

An antenatal educator teaching classes in my local area through the fantastic BabyNatal programmes, including First Aid for babies

Someone who's *definitely* trying to do too much in life

And now... a blogger and 'ghostblogger', so if you like my style and need anything writing, just get in touch! ;-)

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Journaling to increase your self-awareness – find out why, what and how

Do you keep a journal? Did you know you could use journaling to increase your self-awareness? I know what you’re thinking. Surely you already know yourself inside out, right? After all, who else has spent every single second of your life with you? But the thing is, you change. Plus,…

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How to remove stress from your children’s bedtime routine – Bath, Book, Bed

Do you find your children’s bedtime stressful? Head over to this post to find out more about the Bath, Book, Bed campaign from the Book Trust and read my tips on a stress-free bedtime routine.

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What are personal boundaries and how to set them? A workshop with Happiness Coach Olivia Horne

Do you have personal boundaries in place? Around how you organise your space, your time and screen usage, for example? Do you feel people know how what to expect from you? Knowing what your personal boundaries are can make a real difference to how you feel.

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When you feel stuck at work – an interview with career coach Liz Ward

Have you ever sat at your desk thinking this isn’t where you want to be? Feeling ‘stuck’? Career change can be scary, and it’s not always the right answer. Find out what steps you can take if you ever find yourself feeling this way.

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The morning routines of real people – what do we do when we get up?

What do you do as soon as you wake up in the morning? For a while now, I’ve been asking myself whether I’m the only person who can’t get up before 7:30 am. So I asked around to see what other people’s routines are like. Check this out and enjoy!

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