Hi, I'm Sara.

I'm Italian but have lived in London (UK) since 2003.

So what do I tell you about me? I’m a lot of things - bear with me...

A mum to 3 boys (The Big Guy, The Middle Guy and The Little Guy)

A wife to The Husband (well, duh)

But I’m also…

A Business Analyst (bonus prize if you know what that means... I know that is pretty much the equivalent of asking what Chandler Bing did as a job)

A grammar and language geek (yes, that’s a legitimate phrase, and I'm sure in time you'll find out what I mean by it)

An antenatal educator teaching classes in my local area through the fantastic BabyNatal programmes, including First Aid for babies

Someone who's *definitely* trying to do too much in life

And now... a blogger and 'ghostblogger', so if you like my style and need anything writing, just get in touch! ;-)

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Five ways in which our parents’ lives were harder than ours and how on earth did they do it? [003]

I’m in my (ahem) mid-thirties. When my parents were my age they had 2 children. And no internet. No desktop/laptop at home. No smartphones. And no tablets. I firmly believe our parents’ lives were harder than ours. Because, well, let me say that again. They had no internet?!? I remember when,…

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Top 5 things that are sure to annoy a mum of boys [002]

I have 3 boys, and that makes me what I’ve been since my first son was born: a mum of boys. I’m often seen out and about with the 3 of them on my own – at the park, at school, grocery shopping, at football practice, swimming lessons, at the…

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Why you need to slow down as much as I do [001]

Slow down.  This 2016 has been a weird year so far. It’s been about the usual stuff – crazy family life, balancing work, the house and the children. About routines and the ordinary things, but it’s also been odd. It’s been about change, about learning something new about myself, and…

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